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Pincushion Ring

Cotton (Picture)
Silk or Polyester is suitable for this project.

*I never use cotton fabrics for this ring, but the result was very successful.

  • Fabrics for Petals (Diameter 1 3/4" fabric) x 8
  • Fabrics for Center of flower (Diameter 2 3/4" fabric) x 1
  • Fabric for Flower Base (Diameter 1 1/2" fabric) x 1
  • Stick Paper for Flower Base (Diameter 7/8" paper) x 1
  • Fabric for Ring  (I 1/2" x 3 1/2" Fabrics) x1
  • Elastic Band for Ring  (W 3/8" or 1/2"  x  L 3 1/4)  x

Step 1 
Make a petal.
Pick Diameter 1 3/4" fabric circle. Fold in quarters and sew as shown.

Step 2 
Sew first petal, second petal, third petal ....... eighth petal. 
Don't cut thread. Lead 8 petals by doubled threads. Form petals into a ring.

Step 3
Pick Diameter 2 3/4" fabric / Sew around fabric 1/8" from the edge using doubled threads
Pull the thread. Make like a bowl. Put Fiberfill as much you can and pull thread tight and tie. 


Step 4
Place Center of flower (Step 3) on the petals ring. (Step 3).
Sew together by hand from the front. Make the shape of a flower.

Step 5
Make the ring part.
Fold I 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece right sides together and sew 1/8” from the edge.
Use a tool and turn right side out.

Step 6
Put in W 3/8" x  L 3 1/4 Elastic Band in the Ring Band (Step 5)
Overlap 1/4" Elastic Band.  Sew tight.

Step 7 (Flower Base)
Using 1 1/2" circle fabric, sew around 1/8" from the edge with doubled threads and put Diameter 7/8" circle of Paper in.
Pull the thread tight.

Step 8
Sew together Flower and Ring tight.

Step 9
Cover the back of the Pincushion Ring with Flower base and slip stitch in place.


* Ring Size (Elastic Band) - Please adjust to your own size.

Fabrics to use
Joy Basket
Center of Flower / Spin Jam - Yellow
Petals / Egg Dots - Brown, Candy Dots - Green
Flower base and Ring / Egg Dots - Eggplant