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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Keep protecting yourself and the world! Free Tutorial of Facemask at the page line!!!!

Comfy and Stylish!
If you want to get my fabrics, please contact

Actually, I still like the traditional masks!
Me, Japanese, We wear the facemasks often, so I'm an expert of it :)

Stay Safe!
Take Vitamin C!

Donation for local hospitals! Over 1000 soon!

I started making masks for Pride mask tutorial on March 15th, It wasn't the right instructions because I didn't have correct materials.
Then I had started making donation masks on 17th for Sew and Vac.
I'm mentally and physically unstable for a month, but sewing is helping in the condition of the days.
I am speechless. Keep working on day by day,
"The groundhog day" will the end
NOT too far ... Just wear the masks at the time.
We Keep making masks - Sew and Vac, staff!
I'm happy to share my fabrics, please contact me if you like my designs, and need Cotton fabrics. I am a fabric designer for a long, long time.
Now time them for everybody.

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