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Step by Step Instruction pictures

Pictures - Winter version / To use Batting-  October to March/April
Summer Version / To use Double Gauze - May to September
Cut Gauze and Winter -Batting / Summer - Double gauze
5.5"x 10"

Place the gauze on Batting and fold in half,
put the mask plate on top of it.

Sew the curve line.

Use the rotary cutter and cut it out.

Use the scissor and cut the curve part.

Cut the outside fabric, 1/2" seam allowance,
and face the right side of the fabrics.

Trace the mask template on the back of the fabric.

Sew the curve line, both ends - double stitches!

Sew tapes on the end of the mask.
Iron the mask and fold 1/4" top and bottom and press by iron.
Then place the pad on the back of the mask.

Fold the seam two and pins or press by the iron
and sew both sides.

Pulling and sew to the end.

Fold the tapes two on the back of the mask and sew.

Sew one more line 1/4" from the first stitch line.

The picture of the finished Back

The picture of the finished Front

Use the safety pin for the elastic band.

Tie the elastic band for your size and tie part should place
into the mask loop.

I hope these pictures cove my poor instruction below. :)

Thank you! Stay Safe! xoxo
Fabric - Collection of LIVE CITY (NYC) by Hoodie Crescent, I love NY!
We will be strong and move to the future.  

Paper clip into your mask to help stabilize the mask on your nose!

 Use the paper Clip
Make the paper Clip straight.
Poke fabric, make a hole! you can do it!!!!

Push the paper clip completely into the fabric!

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